Safety is paramount at all stages and in all aspects of the Haast River Safari Operation.

The wide braided river system flowing through the Haast Valley enables safe operating in almost all conditions - trips are occasionally cancelled due to high winds or weather squalls passing through the valley, however in an average year this amounts to only 4 to 5 days in total.

Although classified as a soft adventure / leisure tourism option passengers have a safety briefing before each trip departs, during which the element of risk is pointed out as an industry requirement.

Continuing with the Safari represents an undertaking to follow the directions of your Driver/Guide.

Safety instruction cards are currently available in English, German and Japanese - and we request guides accompany non-English speaking groups to ensure understanding.

Any trip may be cancelled or amended to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and Haast River Safari staff reserve the right to withdraw any person considered likely to endanger themselves or others.

All boats in the Safari fleet undergo an annual safety audit by the Marine Safety Authority (MSA) and extensive records are kept of daily, weekly and monthly boat checks and maintenance.

Our Safety Officer is a key staff member responsible for overseeing our Safety System which includes the following requirements:

  • New drivers undertake a minimum of 100 hours training and must be MSA certified to carry passengers on the Haast River
  • All staff are required to have First Aid Certification renewed annually
  • Full safety meeting are held monthly and it is a company requirement that all staff are either in attendance, or sign off minutes as read
  • Morning briefings are held daily to update all staff on river conditions / changes

Our Safe Operating Procedure is available for viewing at the Red Barn Operations Base.Weather Conditions: